Friday, October 8, 2010

New Paths

Walking up the path under the mango
trees, past the lemon tree on the
right and into the sunshine ahead.
Sometimes we are forced onto a new path, sometimes we have the choice of taking one or another. I am sitting with the idea that I am in both places at the same time - being forced and also choosing. It is a strange state of affairs, but I am in the perfect place to reflect on this process. The spiritual energy of Corasoma and of this part of Colombia provide me with an excellent support system for new growth.

While the daily routine has been restricted somewhat by the voluminous amounts of rain in the Santander state (like the states of Oregon or Washington sometimes get in the winter), a day with sunshine is heralded and possibly even a trip to the pueblo is possible.

Today several of the residents of Corasoma made the journey which should normally take about 20 minutes and were detoured due to 'rhumbas' (rock falls) and over-flowing streams so that the trip actually took 45 minutes. I joked that Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) is doing her own version of the Rumba and all her jiggling is making all her jewelry fall off.

I wanted to get a photo of the vacquero (spanish version of cowboy) herding all the vacas (cows) which was one reason our progress was so slow, but it just wasn't possible. Just imagine that we became part of the herding process as the recalcitrant cows wanted to go other places than the road ahead and we had to honk and rev the engine to keep them moving forward. Such fun!

I thank my readers for their kind comments and observations. It is helpful to not feel quite so alone on this new path, whereever it is leading me.

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