Friday, October 1, 2010

Ticked off and such...

Greetings, amigos y amigas... Since the arrival in the campo, I have been assaulted by bugs of all sorts, in part due to the rain. But the worst are the miniscule ticks which embedded themselves all over my arms and legs. I didn´t realize that the itching wasn´t just from a bug bite, but a miserable infestation laid out every couple of inches on my legs by this dreadful pest. The solution? Find a pin, straight or safety, and forget about disinfecting it... just start digging at the little (VERY tiny - about the size of the periods in this posting) dots until they bleed, then use some alcohol (don´t drink it or you´ll never get the job done) and finally the itching will stop.

I am at the local internet cafe (no tea or coffee tho) and so I will have to post my photos for this week another time as I didn´t bring a flash drive with me this time. I had to rush this morning because there were people needing a ride to town and I had an appointment with one of the co-founders of Corasoma who is a massage therapist. ¿Good? Claudia is excellent! If you get to Barichara, just ask anyone how to find her for an appointment and they will set you up. She is well known and very, very good.

All is OK with me except for the bugs... when the sun shines, all is right with the world... otherwise we are struggling with mud and sinking roadways and falling rocks in Santander, but everyone is working to keep things together, so come on down and see this lovely part of the world!!

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