Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blueberry delight

Blueberry heaven for me is being able to walk out my door and pick them. And blueberry season is my absolute favorite time of year. Having fresh blueberries is really all I ever want during the summer. 
Blueberries just waiting for the sprinkler to quit.
Oh yeah, I love strawberries and raspberries and I make jam out of them, but it's these little delicate morsels of sun-kissed blueness that tickles me best.
I have a friend who married into a family with a blueberry patch and I was invited over to help pick them.

They are (were) pretty good, but I think my almost-1/2 inch berries could give them a run for the judge's stand if I could get more than a handful at a time.

And for lots of folks now blueberry harvesting is all over.
This is an almost-life-sized photo of the blueberries I am growing. Yum!
I seem to be blessed to have a late blooming variety I guess, or else there is enough shade that they don't know what day it is.

But one of my plants (they were all installed last year) gave very few blooms and so little fruit that I am considering removing it from the area and putting it out and away to survive on its own. You have to pull your weight in my garden and six berries doesn't cut it.

The other three have done really well, and the ones shown here have had the biggest and sweetest fruit.
Right after I took the pictures I gathered up all the bluest ones which amounted to about 1/2 a cup. No point in saving them, so I ate them all with every shard of sunshine still in them. They were exquisite.

Oh, you wanted me to save one for you? You didn't speak up soon enough... sorry.

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  1. When we were in Maine last year (Stonington, on Deer Isle, near Sargentville...Judy's fav spot in Maine.), we saw some women sitting on small stools in a field next to the ocean. They were picking the small blueberries found close to the ground. They were the sweetest berries and Judy wants to return to do this method for herself. We still have family in Sargentville and we visit when we're there.
    BTW, the man who invented Autocorrect is now dead. Restaurant in Peace.

    Annoying Mouse