Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer's Closing

Sterling Silver, old rose's last bloom.
I cannot believe it is the latter part of August and summer, such as it was for us, is closing down.

Oh yes, we will have some gorgeous warm days now, but the sun is setting earlier and earlier and the signs are all there.

A huge clue for me is when my Sterling Silver rose puts out one last burst of glorious lavender color and although the floribunda has several blooms, usually only one has its trademark scent in any density.

So, that day has arrived. I picked it so I can enjoy it inside for a few days, but there won't be many.

And unfortunately, I cannot provide you, my dear readers, with a sample sniff... it's a heady rose smell, really quite strong, with an energy that just heals you as you inhale. I cannot describe it much better than that.

Please enjoy the photos and intend with me that we all enjoy the fall and all the beauty it will bring us as we let the roses rest for another season. (Shot with my Canon EOS Rebel with a telephoto and a macro, just for fun.)


  1. I can smell them with my mind. Drought here, and trees are fading rather than getting ready to turn, even swamps are down to slimy mud, I have never seen it so bad here. My ash trees are dead from the ash borer that is killing them all in the Northeast, and the hemlocks have apparently got a blight attacking them as well. The lakes are full of algae and icily closes beaches, the Atlantic, up around Maine got up to about 75 degrees this summer. It is time, past time for us to wake up. In the meantime, how lovely to see roses, and hear birds.

  2. We've had a peculiar summer with temps generally in the high 60's, but sometimes not even that. Of course now that we're getting 80's and 90's plus people are complaining about the heat... I'm loving being able to be outside midday without having to wear a sweater or light jacket. On my way home tonight from the sunset, I saw a yearling deer near my house. We didn't use to see them that close by and now I understand the park across the street has posted a warning about cougars. (That should probably be posted in our 55+park...LOL!)