Thursday, April 30, 2009

Traveled to Vail, CO - off season

   It was a lovely day in Colorado, so Jey-hu and I determined that an extended drive up over Vail Pass would be scenic and give us both a chance to see a place we'd dreaming about skiing "back in the days..." Vail sits on the other side of a pass that is over 10,000 feet in elevation. While it was definitely "slack" season - no one was skiing and few people were in the village, except for maintenance workers - we managed to find a real steal in mid-season jackets labeled "Vail" so we can have something to remember the day by.
   The drive up from Boulder through the canyons to Idaho Springs and Georgetown was a curvy road through deep, deep rocky walls with Clear Creek running briskly down to the plains. It was also pretty windy with gusts approaching 25-35 m.p.h. at times, but my overloaded Murano held its ground through it all.
   The bird is quickly becoming spoiled with a constant change of scenery and when we had to stop for a latte, he was complaining about how long we took because he had to wait in the car which obviously wasn't moving for about 15 minutes. 
   Tomorrow the agenda is to meet up with Jey-hu's friends for dinner in Colorado Springs, stay overnight and head off to Park City, Utah, to meet up with a dear friend of mine from St. Augustine, FL, who is now living in Bountiful, Utah. Then we will jaunt on to Boise, ID, so I can catch up with more friends - probably just overnight - and arriving in Washington State the next day.
   I am so grateful to have a special friend to share this journey with me... it's been a blast since we connected in Boulder.

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