Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garden of the Gods - Colorado

   After several glorious days with a relative in Boulder, CO, it was time to head south to Colorado Springs to meet up with friends of Jey-hu and we discovered a park nearby called "Garden of the Gods." The unique sandstone monuments carved by wind and weather have drawn photographers and rock climbers from all over. (If you click on the link I've established, you can learn all about the red rocks and how they developed.) We spent several hours walking around and taking pictures. It seemed as if no matter what angle you looked at a rock structure, there was something about it that made you want to capture it.
   Dinner with new friends is always delightful, but it was more fun for Jey-hu to make contact with a couple he hadn't seen for over 20 years! D and S live in Canon City and were kind enough to drive up to Colorado Springs so we could enjoy some time together.
   The next day it began to rain and got much cooler, so we opted to save a trip to the Royal Gorge for another, sunnier day and instead headed northwest toward Breckenridge over the 11,500 ft. summit. Then it was on to Frisco and a little repeat driving past Vail toward Utah. We ended up stopping for the night in Grand Junction, which turned out to be considerably less grand than expected.

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