Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chlorophyll helps with altitude effects

   Our digs in Park City overlook the base chairlift for this mountain resort. We have also learned that the lobby is at 6,800 feet of elevation. As we are at the next-to-top floor of the hotel, we estimate we are closing in on 7,000 feet and it's taken Jey-hu a little longer to adapt to the lower oxygen levels. We went to the local health food store on Day Two and found some liquid chlorophyll combo which, when added to water, helps to increase red blood cells and the effects of drinking more water are also helpful at this height. The consultant warned me not to be alarmed if the solid output developed a green color. I think it's now green enough it could be used for fertilizer... I feel like I've been chewing cud in an alfalfa field.
   We decided to take some time to explore the area and chose to drive up past the 'old' town of Park City up into the mountains surrounding it. Where there once was a mine, a new hotel or village is under construction with what appears to be a cable car track up the mountainside. 
   There is still snow at the higher elevations, and we made our way up into some pretty posh neighborhoods. Some have ski runs that go right past the house so that the residents can slap on the boards, slide to the next lift, ski all day and glide home again. Southeby's, a high end reseller of resort property, has a number of signs up, but not as many as might be expected. Perhaps the owners have a little more resiliency in the leaner air... 
   Before sunset we headed back down into 'old town' to see what our dinner options might be. Although the feel of an old western mining town has been preserved, seeing retail outlets for Rolex, Chanel and other shops for the rich and shameless took away some of the illusory charm.    Without too much discussion, we ended up eating at some place with 'bistro' as part of its name. The only conclusion we could make is that restaurants with fewer than 10 letters in the name are quite inclined to have menu items with foreign names at higher prices. The food was not as remarkable as hoped. Still it was fun to be out and about and watching the locals, although fewer in number due to this in-between period of winter and summer for commerce.

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