Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting ready to roll again

   After a lovely week in Park City, Utah, Jey-hu and I are packing up the car for an early start on Saturday morning to go off to Boise, Idaho, my former stomping grounds. Then on Sunday we will be in Washington State and attending his family's "Mother's Day" dinner gathering for his mother. 
   Yesterday we took a drive up Lamb's Canyon and then across the Interstate into Little Dell's Canyon which led us to Emigrant's Pass, where the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) made their journey into what is now Salt Lake City. It was a bright and sunny day, with a few puffy clouds and a very cool northerly breeze.
 While in Lamb's Canyon we had a picnic lunch and Jey-hu tried to capture a few butterflies on film - well, not film anymore since we both use digital cameras. 
We also had a squirrel stop by to see what we were doing.
   The day before we did a short trip to Antelope Island, a three-mile wide, almost seven-mile long island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, which has become a nature preserve. As we passed over the causeway, the smell was pretty intense. And the bugs were even more invasive on the northern end of the island. At first we wondered why no one seemed to be getting out of their cars. We are quick learners! The founders named the island after antelope found there, but there were none to be seen on this trip, although we learned there are supposed to be some still in residence. Instead we found ourselves in the middle of the Bison herd with lots of very cute calves bounding around.
 A couple of women were standing outside their car taking pictures, completely unaware of the potential danger if the herd spooked. 
Fortunately the bison were intent only on crossing to get to the greener grass and followed the leader. 
We could truthfully say we shot a lot of bison and left them on the road.

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