Friday, May 29, 2009

A Sushi Treat

    Yesterday I was able to find my way from Everett to the Greenlake area of Seattle to meet up with my oldest daughter and her daughter for a sushi dinner. I am not sure who was more excited about our get-together - me or my grand! We shared some of our adventures since last summer...  I got to hear about some horseback riding and swimming trips and I was entreated to tell more about my journeys across all the states between Florida and Washington. I showed her some of the pictures we took recently at Rosario Beach (see profile of me above taken by Jey-hu) and on top of Mt. Erie.
   But the dearest question my little Grand asked me was just before we parted: "Granny, how many more days do we have before you have to leave again?" And I was very happy to see how big her eyes got when I said, "Too many to count because I'm going to be living here... we'll see a lot more of each other now."

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