Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The cherries are ripe!

Today I could finally begin picking the cherries off the tree that hangs over our deck. The birds have already started enjoying them and I could see places where they had pecked (instead of picking!) off the fruit, leaving only the seed.

When Jey-hu got back from working, he and I managed to collect about four pounds and after pitting them all, I cooked them. As lovely as they looked, they were toe-curling sour! With enough fructose I was able to pull a little sweetness from them and made a cherry pie and some cherry crumble. I don't have my favorite "Fanny Farmer Cookbook" to build these desserts, but did pretty well from memory.

Jey-hu told the neighbors to come over and help themselves as there is easily another eight to ten pounds of fruit to be enjoyed. When we had to run an errand later, and while I was waiting for him, I caught this pretty sunset in Snohomish, which is about five miles from where we live. A few nights ago we joined some friends for a Mexican dinner alongside the Snohomish River which is a pretty wide waterway that flows right into Port Gardiner Bay, which connects to Puget Sound. Here is a picture of the Bay that I took earlier in the week.....


  1. Wonderful cherries, I could taste them, super photos..I particulary liked the sunset, how vivid and beautiful it looks. I love reading your 'posts' they take me on your travels perfectly. Thank you.

  2. "Fair exchange is no robbery..." Susie, for your poetry takes me on journeys as well!