Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dedicated to Andre

A blogger with Multiple Myeloma known as Andre has had a tough struggle of late. He is best known for his love of competitive motorcycle riding, but he is also a truly gifted photographer. I first discovered his blog when I was "introduced" to the illness over a year ago because of a relative's diagnosis. His lively, and aggressive, commentary about his battle with the 'beast' gave me hope and in return, when he had downturns, I tried to offer some uplifting words or energy on his behalf.
As a motorcycle rider myself, I fully appreciated the "wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth" experience, even if I had to finally give it up for reasons other than health. So perhaps the combination of being a rider and photographer like Andre, though clearly not as proficient in either (!!), along with the MM connection, created the blog-bond between us.
During these past 15 months, I have journeyed across the U.S. from Florida to Washington and up the Western coastline. I have seen thousands of 'bikers riding, enjoying the freedom and the views of this impressive country. And in part, because of Andre's blog, I started my own. This photograph of the highway across the Navajo Nation through the Painted Desert is a route Andre took on one of his 'cycle trips and his photos are much better. You can see some of them here:

So, today I want to dedicate this blog with photographs of places of beauty I have seen and tried to capture - to Andre, if only to bring a point of light in his direction. If thoughts are like prayers and have wings, may they all fly in his direction....


  1. A truly heartfelt post Sandy, such wonderful photos that I am sure Andre would love, I too have been thinking of him and his family at this time and hoping my prayers/positive thoughts will somehow reach him.

  2. I am saddened today to learn that Andre has died, and join the many who knew him through his struggle to beat the crafty disease of Multiple Myeloma in grief at his passing. He leaves a big gap in the fabric of this tapestry we call life.