Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flowers along the way...

Since Jey-hu and I both enjoy photography, and we both seem to be drawn to capture flowers (and sometimes weeds) in their native habitat, I thought it might be fun to share some of the various colorful presentations we found as we drove from California to Oregon along the coast. This rugged little clump of yellow flowers (left) was found at Point Lobos, CA, amid many craggy rocks, boulders and sand. It caught my eye because it reminded me that sometimes it takes that kind of persistence to finally bloom and to be noticed because one is not in the midst of thousands of others.
And yet, masses of color are created when many gather (or bloom) at once... another sort of beauty. These trumpet-style flowers caught Jey-hu's eye because they were so tiny and the color was so deep.
There were many wildflowers along the roadways and just up from the beaches, especially in California. Here is an example of what we saw near Big Sur. So much of the coastline is in
danger because of all the building going on, it was quite delightful to see portions which were not impacted at all.
How interesting that all the greens and yellows go so well with the blues and greys of the ocean and sky... do we ever see discordant colors in nature?

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