Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday so soon?

It seems unsettling that Friday has appeared so soon - what happened to the other four days? In reviewing my week, I can lay claim to being too busy to even grab my camera - and no car travel except to run to the post office.

Here's a shot I took earlier in the month, driving around the little Lake Stevens that used to be a resort town and is now resorting to being a full-time village 45 minutes from Seattle. I noticed with the more moderate temperatures that we have suddenly shifted into pre-fall. The mornings are cooler, it seems to take longer for the sun to burn through the cloud layer, and the cherries have gone past their prime. However, the raccoons (nine of them!!!) all showed up for a fruit dessert last night. Couldn't get the camera in time to shoot them.

At the beginning of July (see first photo up on the left) I had just finished planting my "red-white-blue" theme in the entry garden, to cover up the soil that was just sitting there. This shot proves to me that it was worth it, because the garden has really thrived (see photo on right) and now I have such a lovely floral greeting every time I come and go through the front door! This was a treat for me because the gardening in the NW is quite different from what I was doing in Florida. The second photo, taken this morning, shows that there has been some growing going on after all!

Now the plans are for us to head back to Lake City, Florida (about an hour west of Jacksonville right off I-10) in a couple of weeks - so stay tuned, dear readers, for another road adventure as we drive back across the U.S. in my other vehicle. And I will take you on a tour of Florida while we are there as Jey-hu has missed that state in his previous jaunts.

I found a picture on another camera that I had missed entering into my SeaFair shots... this is not the ideal boating costume, in my humble opinion, but this young lady certainly carries it off with aplomb. I wish I'd had a chance to talk to her and especially after the event, to discover what she thought about it as I gathered from her comments prior to getting into a 'tender' to take her to her destination that this experience was all very new for her.

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