Monday, August 3, 2009

Sea Fair!

Wall to wall boats of all sizes and shapes and utility, a sunny day with temperatures in the 80's, good friends to laugh and talk with, and capped off with the always intense, always loud and always thrilling performance of the Navy's Blue Angels jet air show and you have the ingredients for a memorable Sunday on the last day of SeaFair 2009.

We were fortunate to have an invitation to be on a 90-footer motor yacht and the owner knew exactly where to place the anchor for the best viewing, so we had front rows seats for all
the action. In the second picture you can see two of the six jets circling around for another set. The aircraft were flying, in some cases, quite low and after one pass, the shock waves from the jet engines were quite intense on my ears.

Here is a shot of what I determined was the "smallest" boat in the fleet and in the non-commercial category, I think our host's boat and one other may have competed for the largest.
Curiously, there were a number of jet skis, including the one shown here, but very few sailboats. It appeared to be mostly a power-boater's event. Notice that the jet ski operator is still attached to his cell phone - just like behind the wheel of his car, I expect.

I've included a shot of seagull who not only appeared to be trying to learn how to fly like the Blue Angels, but who was also witnessed
deliberately taking some item (water-soaked bread, we think), carefully carrying it over a boat, stalling out and dropping it on them!

There were some hydroplane races following the air show, but our host had to head back to Everett to complete some renovations before the boat is taken to Mexico for the winter.


  1. I loved your descriptions here Sandy, I was right there with you and some really great shots. I Must say your photos are always wonderful and these, captured the spirit of the day so well. Living in Lincolnshire home to the amazing "Red Arrows", we do from time to time, see their wonderful displays above our rather large skies. Last Valentines day, they produced a vivid red heart as we were driving towards the hospital, so very skilled -it took a second or two to concentrate back to my driving! Thank you for your lovely blog I do so enjoy.

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