Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More signs of the times

It appears that even the business of pleasure is at risk in this economy, judging from this sign near Olympia, Washington! We were driving by after going to the capital of this state to get some documents apostilled and since I've been carrying my camera with me and we were at a stop sign, I had time to capture it. Jey-hu and I briefly wondered about the discounted items, but our comments are probably not worth repeating.

Jey-hu told me that in the State of Washington, some businesses like furniture stores can have five (5?) "Going Out Of Business Sales" per year!!! His business of doing security installations is slower, but he's been working a lot on a couple of upscale restaurants doing entertainment systems including a very posh one in Bellevue. More on that later.

We've had some rain at last. This photo of the slough between Everett and Lake Stevens bears a marked resemblance to the English countryside as I remember it. The birds are very happy to have things a little damper, judging from their songs. I tried to get a picture of the chickadee in the cherry tree, but it was too elusive. The local robins are busy pulling worms from the recent watering, so I know they are benefitting from the ground being softened up.

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  1. So our local furniture store isn't the only one that's perpetually "going out of business". However, one of our two big, big furniture stores did close out for real.