Saturday, August 22, 2009

La petite jeune fille

This little, young girl, "la petite jeune fille," reminded me of me when I was very much younger. She also reminded me of my daughters when they were about six and now of my grand-daughter who will be this age before long. This young lady seemed to be oblivious to everyone around her as she hopped from one particular rock on the wall to the next one.

Although I could have walked on the wall as well, I believe that the spectacle of a granny doing this would have cleared the park in a hurry. I was glad to simply sit in the sunshine and watch someone else enjoy herself and to catch that moment. We used to say, "catch it on film," only now it's mostly digital, so what do we use to catch it on now? Help me, dear readers, to answer this question....


  1. How I enjoy your beautiful slideshow photos,how wonderful to be able to do this much travelling. This lovely photo of the little girl in total complacence with her tranquil pleasure. Must admit I would have been tempted to walk on the wall too! As Hamada can no longer do the boisterous games, I often find a cricket bat put in my hand by our little Grandson(9) or I am selected for Goal Keeper, dangerous one that! Still I suppose I've had plenty of practise over the years, having only boys. How nice it must be to have nice dainty girls. Still God always gives you what you can easily manage I always think.

    How about "I must digi that" or perhaps
    "I shall digi that"
    Ho hum not quite the same is it! X

  2. I think you should have walked on the wall and not worry about what anyone else thought. If you still have such good balance,I say show it off! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hmmmmmm... quite the problem indeed! Maybe we should say, "Amass a mountain of megapixelian masterpieces" or some such other rediculous thing. A "Kodak Moment" by any other name...