Saturday, May 17, 2014

Arizona again...

The suharo cactus doesn't get it's first 'arm'
until it is at least 50 years old. I think there
is some kind of message in all that...
I used to live in Arizona. I also worked here for awhile for a company that was developing on-line, at-home high school education programs. I even had some input about content and processes.

But that all seems so long ago, and the grandchildren I was babysitting occasionally are now teens, one of them about to become a driver.

This time my return is not be a grandmother, but to be a mother again.

In the cycles of living, growing up, partnering up, nurturing children and then discovering they no longer need daily or even random care, it causes one to review Life's Purpose and to see how one still fits into the Big Picture.

Being asked to mother once more, however briefly, is like getting a chance to do a better job than was done before. To prove that there are lessons learned and entrenched with becoming a better person over time.

If, as a child, our own parents didn't do such a hot job, for whatever reasons, and then we didn't do much better, for those reasons and others, then we wonder how humanity will even progress.

But then, in the re-mothering opportunity, we discover that there were some good things we brought about, and those good things grew in our children, and they are doing gooder, or even greater, than we could have hoped for. There, now, is a sense of peace and hopefulness that warms from the inside.

Even as the Arizona sun is beating down and warming us up all over, again.

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