Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ever feel like you are being watched?

Just back from Arizona, and spent the day getting ready for what tomorrow will bring... a variety of tasks. That included getting caught up on my e-mails, regular mail, phone messages, laundry, etc., and the cat tree in my office is usually empty.  But not today....

Does this mean they missed me? They weren't alone; I had a friend in the place all the time I was gone, but she said Maksim (Russian Blue adoptee) was a ghost and she wasn't even sure there were two cats here. Cleopurrtra (A sort of Egyptian all-black - on top) was more friendly, but not very.

I think they were just trying to make me feel slightly 'on guard....'


  1. It means they are pretending not to recognize you.

    1. Today at work my boss walked in, right past me, and said to my associate, "How are you today?" She replied that she was fine, and he kept on walking. I said just loudly enough for the rest of the newsroom to hear me, "I'm fine, too," and my other boss said, "Really, how ARE you?" and my associate said in a snarky tone, "No one cares... no one really cares."

      (She didn't really mean it, I think...) But after living with cats I'm used to this.