Friday, May 2, 2014

Hooray, hooray for the First of May

As a little girl, we celebrated the first day of May with a maypole and both boys and girls threaded the ribbons during P.E. (aka physical exercise).

This year I watched the tulips go past their prime and tilt over, the candytuft is striving to stay in bloom until my birthday, and the other spring flowers were just undone by the sudden (and welcome) heat of the past few days.

So now we are in May and all my laziness about the garden will have to be put aside as I plan for a summer show of some kind in a semi-shade, semi-arid plot. Although I live in the Northwest, I also live at the edge of a prairie and in the shadow of the Olympics, so during the summer we do not actually get a lot of rain.

Tiptoeing through the tilting tulips...
I went to a gallery yesterday to talk about hanging some of my work. Next week I will be presenting what I have done so far to see if it will be approved. And now that it's warmed up, I can get out into my little studio cabin and do some new work.

There is a trip to Arizona in my future, so I will take a couple of cameras and see what inspiration I can find. Their springtime is long gone and summer is in full swing down there. But there is beauty in every season in every locale and I'm sure I can find it.

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