Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We didn't stay in Bucksnout, Tenn

We headed out of Florida under rainy skies taking 75 north until we were past Atlanta, GA. I cannot recall where it was that we stopped for gas and breakfast, in that order, but we had been discussing the merits of having "someone else deliver the goods," when we pulled up next to an international "goods deliverer," and briefly pondered how much it might cost to load up the truck and the trailer with everything in it.

After a week of packing boxes and throwing stuff away, giving stuff away, selecting items to go to flea market sale and trying to squeeze one last thing into the trailer, we were feeling like
the movie characters from the old T.V. show."Beverly Hillbillies." For those who are too young, or were deprived of television during the 60's, this was the story of the Clampetts who left Arkansas for Beverly Hills, California, after discovering oil on their land.

To add to this metaphor, Jey-hu's family reunion a couple of weeks ago revealed that he comes from Arkansas stock, including a Cherokee Indian maiden who married his great-great grandfather. So we are doing a turn-about and heading west through Arkansas in order to try and locate the family farm near Bentonville. The family lived in the Weatherly house for a few years and then moved to their own home a few miles away. We will see what we discover.
Afflicted with a cold from some infected individual on the airline we took to get to Florida, yesterday was a real downer, trying to finish things up with rain everywhere. We decided a treat was in order for dinner and stopped in Chattanooga for my second meal and Jey=hu's first at "Modern Dave's." It was definitely a good meal, but lacked something this evening.

Finally, after driving for 14 hours, passing up many more appealing hotel/motel options, including one "Traveler's Inn" in Bucksnout, Tenn. (Yes, really there is such a place!!!) we reached the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, making it possible
to reach the Bentonville area tomorrow in daylight. Here are some shots we took of the countryside in Georgia and Tennessee along the way. And we were rewarded with this lovely pink sunset after leaving the Nashville area to really begin trekking west. (This last shot was done by Jey-hu.)

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