Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day Three at the Sunset

It was a day to learn about another time share, a sister site to where we are staying. We went because they offered to pay our way back to the airport, gave us a discount on a spa day, and provided us with some water activities... why refuse? Yesterday we met a nice fellow, learning some more about the area, and on this trip we met some other time share refugees on the way, making it a little more festive - and the biggest surprise of all was that one of the couples is from Snohomish, just up the road from where we live in Washington!

My biggest issue with any presentation goes back to my career in public relations. The message 'should be' consistent. So if you are selling me on some high-end residential property with a breakfast, shouldn't the meal be on the same par with the location, or proposed location? Stale rolls and a conglomeration of eggs didn't sell me on the Sunset time shares.

However, the site is impressive. The quality of the workmanship on the units is remarkable, the views are incredible, but those units are also far away from the downtown, facing the Pacific - which you cannot swim in safely - and the roads up and down to the units are windy, steep and not walkable... no sidewalks. So a car or other kind of transportation is necessary for sure. But we enjoyed the tour and our guide was a pleasant fellow, too. In fact, he gave us some great tips for dinners and things to do while we are here. For the couple interested in a "destination" resort, utilizing the transportation provided by the resort, this might be a good buy. We met a couple who thought so.

On the bus back through town, I saw this wall of art messages by local creative minds with messages to share...

The last shot was taken on the beach where we had a picnic lunch on our own,
watching the Pacific waves roll in, in perfect form over and over again. After we got back to the "Blanco" and made ourselves a little dinner, we watched the sunset - again - did a little walk around the pool to get to the WiFi spot and finished up our e-mails and blogging... can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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