Monday, September 7, 2009

Odd things seen en route

There are bound to be curiosities anywhere one travels, and when it's a 3200 mile route, it is possible to find lots of them. Here are some of the unanswerables seen between Florida and Washington.

A water tower out in the middle of nowhere - not apparently even in use. Did it pump water up? It doesn't even look large enough to hold very much gallonage. Was it for the city? Where is the city/town now?

I like the idea of an RV/camping location that is open to various types of cultures... I would presume the tenants of the tents are off on their horses.
Then we saw, just before the Idaho border between Montana, a lot of rocks in these curious formations. Most unusual in this sharp upthrusting and particularly
since there were lots more nearby that were round. It was a remind
er of our trip to Colorado where we saw sandstone that had been carved away by wind and water in The Garden of the Gods. But these structures look as if they were the results of glacial action. Perhaps a geologist will read this and comment.

One disturbing trend nationwide is the lack of anyone checking the spelling when advertising something, especially on large signs. We saw many examples but took a picture of this one.

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