Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Two - Cabo is cloudy

We woke up to cloudy skies and slightly cooler temperatures - only 80 ish... yesterday it was 90 when we arrived. We were scheduled for a time share trip to the Westin, a Raintree vacation resort. Our connection was “Jorge” and we were supposed to meet him outside the gates, as they are not allowed to drag people away from the Pueblo resorts to persuade them to sign up someplace else.

Well, we also got lost as we asked the captain at the front desk how to get out of the gate to go downtown and he directed us to the other gate and we ended up walking through some brush to find our way back. We both agreed it felt quite clandestine.

The drive from where we were, closer to town, took us back toward the airport. The thirsty desert of this area of Mexico was as rich and verdant as if it had been raining for weeks. Apparently there was a shower a couple of days ago - maybe an inch of rain. It didn’t matter that it was cloudy when we arrived at the Westin as the brilliant colors of yellow, pink, turquoise and magenta overwhelmed the eyes anyhow. And the view, as you can see from the pictures, was very impressive.

The actual tour only took 30 minutes, but after that our “guide” ate breakfast with us, and we found him to be quite entertaining and really a remarkable storyteller. The story he told us was touching and would bring tears to anyone's eyes. It turns out that he was also into Public Relations earlier in his career, so he and I also had that in common.

Anyhow, we toured the entire facility and sat through a lengthy presentation which took almost another three hours - too long!! Finally we were done and yet another individual came to try and close us on yet another "package" but we are hard nuts to crack and were able to keep saying, "No, gracias..." until they were worn out and gave us our "gifts" for letting them try to sell us.

So we have a glass-bottomed boat ride, a sunset boat cruise and a dinner for two to schedule before we leave. Let me add that there were some appealing aspects to the Raintree timeshare, but it is not near anything downtown and if they really wanted to sell their shares, they would be offering free transportation for owners to go back and forth to town by shuttle.

After a day of someone trying to sell you something non-stop, we were ready for the pool and a good book. I ended up making a sort of dinner out of the roast chicken we got at COSTCO and some freshly baked multi grain bread. (Yes, Marcie, they have a bakery just like yours down here... and we were going to take a picture but my camera needed to be recharged.) We sat on our little balcony and listened to the waves crashing on shore, though less intensely than they did the night before. The air was warm and we enjoyed listening to the music on the various boats criss-crossing the little bay here as we wound down from our day. (This last shot is from the Westin looking toward the eastern end of the Baja peninsula and the western edge of Mexico proper.)

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