Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sunset cruise was a gift ...

We went on a catamaran called "La Princesa" with a group of about 20 folks for the promised sunset cruise - our "gift" for being reeled into a timeshare presentation and sticking it out for the required 90 minutes - Mexican time... more like four hours. It was worth it!!!

Boarding was at 6 p.m. and immediately after casting off the lines, the bar was open and the drinks were being passed out. Not being a "drinker" I got my beverage and simply leaned back to watch the activities of other boats heading out for what promised to be a good sunset. I was in heaven being back on a
sailboat again. I sighed deeply and said a little prayer for all my MM connections that they could receive some of my upbeat energy and healing.

There was just enough wind for the sailboats and not too much for the powerboats; the seas were moderate with swells running somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-6 feet in the Sea of Cortez. First we cruised along past the hotels, and I took this picture of the Pueblo Bonita Blanco (white one) as we passed it. Our room has a terrific view - we are in the building identified as the third blue dome in from the right on the fourth floor.

Once we rounded the last rock on the Baja peninsula, we were fully exposed to the Pacific Ocean and the wind was slightly more with waves to match. The shot below may give some idea of the size of the "rocks" as the catamaran nearby it is probably at least 34 feet in length. The sun goes down quickly at this latitude, too. The dark line near the water is due to constant water contact by the waves. In some places you can see that the waves regularly hit the rocks at 35-40 feet up from the water! My estimate is that the line you see below is about 15 feet in height.

Jey-hu and I got our pictures taken by the "professional" and also by some other guests sitting next to us. Guess which one we didn't get?

It was such a romantic evening, and we both realized that it was this kind of event that we had been seeking in coming here. Since I am the experienced sailor, I explained some of the actions being taken by the crew as we hoisted sail and really got under way.
There was also one of the three 12-meter retired raceboats from the last America's Cup, the New Zealand one, in the group out for the night and I got several shots of them; I will share my favorite.

The air was a perfect temperature, probably about 80, considerably cooler than it had been during the day. We walked from our hotel to the marina, about 15 minutes, and because it was after 5 p.m., we did not get any "offers" to see any more timeshares - whew!

There were so many awesome shots that turned out it was hard to choose just one, but this one was my choice for you even though it is really after the sunset and on the way back into the harbor. I like it because you can see the town of Cabo in that after-glow of sunset with the lights just beginning to be turned on. The line down the photo is the "stay" for the mast of the sailboat which was about 50 feet in length and a few heads of the other passengers can also be seen. I hated having to get off at the dock... but there is always a time for having a sailboat of one's own and a time to be on OPBs... Other People's Boats, even if there is some fee connected to it. Boat owners know the costs of ownership, don't we?

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  1. Looks like the perfect vacation...even with the sales speal.