Sunday, September 6, 2009

Monster Burger in St. Regis, MT

If you find yourself on I-90 heading either east or west and you are in the western part of Montana, you will be doing yourself a disservice to drive past the infinitesimally small town of St. Regis where a miracle in food-stuffing is occurring.

It was getting dark, we were hungry and opted for what we thought would be a quick fix to that problem. We had no idea we were about to be presented with the largest, finest, gut-filling, "Monster-burger" either side of the Yellowstone River or Clark Fork. When the "cook" who I thought I heard being called "Fuzzy," came to the drive-up window, he asked Jey-hu if he was intending to drive while consuming this gastranomic disaster. "If so," he cautioned, "you will have to sign a disclaimer that we are not responsible for anything that happens to you."

Jey-hu laughed and said he wouldn't hold them liable - just bring it on. I was more circumspect and chose a simple burger (delicious in its simplicity). The entire crew came
to the window to pose for us and when they handed us the bag and we drove away, we had no idea what we were in for... Jey-hu had his hands - and mouth - full trying to drive and wrap his teeth around a four-inch thick meal!

It was clearly stuffed to overflowing with two meat patties, fried onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and Fuzzy's 'secret sauce,' and the bun only added to the challenge. "I feel like a small snake trying to eat a large rabbit," Jey-hu mumbled between bites. I thought it was fortunate there were so few people on the road as we weaved around snaky turns toward Idaho at 40 mph.
No wonder there was a caution from Fuzzy!
(We've posted a picture of the signs on the eatery... Look for the neon sign "Frosty" - turn right at the stop sign and make the next left... you'll be ready to park or drive through! I'd recommend parking if you're ordering his Monster Burger, though.)


  1. It all sounds rather yummie although I cannot even remember the year I had my last burger - the British don't do good burgers at all.
    My you are travelling so many miles and I am lucky to be following. Take care and enjoy it all.

  2. It was another great adventure and without mishap, for which we feel extraordinarily lucky, as we saw others dealing with flat tires, engine problems, etc. I appreciate your readership and comments, Susie!

  3. Hi Sandy. Your ears did not deceive you... you heard his name correctly. Your spelling is wrong, but that is not unexpected. Who would expect "Fuzzy" to be spelled with a PH? Yes, it's spelled "Phuzzy" and he's not just your run-of-the-mill burger flipper. He is also an accomplished guitar player/singer/comedian who often holds impromptu jam sessions for friends whenever the mood strikes him.
    Phuzzy is a man of many talents, the least of which is flipping burgers. He is a true individual in this world of "clones" and followers. Having known him all my life (he's my big brother) I can say with certainty that he is a one-of-a-kind person and God truly broke the mold after He made Phuzzy!
    I am enjoying your blog (a rarety for me!) and I look forward to what lies next!
    Oh yes... the next time you are in 'Regis, you should try one of the huckleberry shakes. They are made from locally picked wild mountain huckleberries (Many of which are picked by Phuzzy and myself each year.) and they are absolutely awesome!