Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's a small world

We arrived at the Pacifica Spa on Saturday morning and when you walk in, it immediately gives you the message that you are here to "relax!" The aromas they use assail the senses and with that deep breath in, all cares and concerns seem to disappear. Of course, it's an illusion and they don't really go away, but this place holds them at bay for awhile.
Later in the day we went for a swim at the Sunset resort. Jey-hu was huddled under the bridge to protect his skin from any more rays. He was just chatting with another individual shielding her skin and she said, "Oh, you need to talk to Carole; I think she's from your area." Carole was waved over. It turns out that her mother and father had a music store in Lake Stevens some 40 years ago and her son worked for the same store that Jey-hu did before it closed and he went into his electronic career. The other irony was that Carole and her son were on her way to Cabo in the early 1980's when they had a bad car accident, which Jey-hu remembered because the young man was out of work for quite awhile.

The fabric of life is filled with its flaws, but a mother's relationship with her son often stitches up those flaws to try and hold things together... so it is with Carole and other mothers I know.

Tonight we are going to try and capture the half moon shining on the ocean and the pool at approximately the same location as you see here to your right. It was elegant and breathless last night with the stars sparkling overhead and the sea quieter. We both agreed it was worth planning out the camera equipment and taking the time to try and see if we can photograph that feeling.

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