Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who can stop the sunset?

Now that we are re-settled for one more week at the Pueblo Bonita Pacifica on Sunset Beach, we have a front-row seat to a new sunset every night.
I dedicate this one to Susie and her beloved Hamada
as I know from her poetry that they love being at the beach.
We watched the sun race to the west, sliding quickly down behind the small mountain behind the hotel. It went so fast I was barely able to get my camera set up. Jey-hu was already in place with his and so this first shot is his.
The sky was clear, save for a few streaky clouds, so the colors did not stay long, even on the few clouds that were present. And I can take credit for this second shot. But barely 10 minutes from the time the sun went behind the horizon to our last shot - and we struggled as to which one should be next (last) - to capture the last light of the day...
And if you look closely, you can see the light from the lighthouse caught in the momentary flash of warning to sailors - for me the lighthouse is a symbol of hope, the guiding light - in a way a reminder that there is a light, even in the darkest of nights.

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  1. I have waited to comment on this lovely dedication, how kind of you to think of us, how right in saying we love the beach and oh yes! those stunning sunsets. I can recall some pretty amazing ones in Egypt - Hamada would know to hurry me and select the very best spot to view. Special magical days that stay in your memory. Hamada was delighted at these wonderful photos, he thanks you and Jey-hu as I do, for this very special tribute.