Saturday, March 21, 2009

As Above, So Below

Recently I was listening to a pastor who really, and I mean REALLY, knows The Bible. He was reminding the faithful that our Creator is with us always, and to prove the point he was delineating how we were created in His image... that there is a pattern to His Creation (us) based on 'threes.' Our bodies and the world around us are put together in 3's... (even the dots!) And the trinity/triangle is the strongest form. Our arms have three segments, our legs have three segments, the body itself is comprised of the head, trunk and extremities. The earth has a core, mantle and crust. An apple has a core, the fruit and the skin. Pastor T. said "Further, in The Bible, Moses received those tablets with 10 commandments... you have 10 fingers to remind you of them.  And if that's not enough, you have as a master gland, the pituitary which provides 10 different chemicals to keep you in balance. You are a living Bible... you have 33 vertebrae so you can walk and stand up straight to remind you of the life span of the Messiah..." As we enter the season when the Messiah was born, because he was born in Abib, the first month (God's time - not the calendar established by Pope Gregory), and if you haven't picked up The Bible recently, perhaps you will to find out how the Lord wants to use you for His purpose.

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