Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Flower Show Cancelled

When I was growing up, I had an older woman who cared for me. The story was that she was "not quite right," and had been forced to have surgery so she would never have children of her own. I guess her parents thought - back in the 1920's - that she wouldn't be capable of caring for her own children. This wonderful woman loved me as if I were her own and was better than my own mother at the job. Every year about this time, she would ask my parents for time off and she would tell me several times in advance, "I am going to the flower show. I will be back." And when she returned, she would tell me about all the wonderful flowers she had seen. I believe she went with other folks from our small NE town and it was always a trip she enjoyed completely. I thought about her today when I heard that the New England Flower Show was cancelled, after 137 (!!) years, due to the economy. If it managed to be produced during the depression, then we are in worse shape than I realized....

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