Friday, March 6, 2009

Not only flighty subjects....

   Today I had to get my car serviced and I was sitting working on a slide show about Alligator Lake (previously mentioned) and this fellow came in to sit and wait. He was so uncomfortable that he kept getting up and looking at things; incredibly restless. I said, "Would you like to see the slide show I just finished putting together?"
    He was stunned and came over to sit next to me and watch my little presentation. Afterwards he said, "Can you send something like that to someone?" I said, "Sure." He gave me his e-mail address. He actually didn't see it as the final product (with the music added) so I am curious what his reaction will be.
   Later I realized that in this busy world of ours, we really don't take enough time to "BE" with our fellow travelers face-to-face. We send messages, call, text, blog, but do we touch enough?

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