Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gone Too Soon

All the quotes about life ending too soon don't really provide much solace to those who are either facing it or the family and friends who grieve the loss of their beloved. News of the surprising and sudden death of the talented actress Natasha Richardson reminded me of how much I had enjoyed her gifts in the movies she performed in.
And as a skier myself, I fully acknowledge the risk of the sport. I have lost ski friends in 'freak' accidents on the slopes. And yet I was blessed to have survived it... and to ski again and again. I worked with the Ski Patrol one winter and saw the many ways that the human body could be damaged - whether novice or expert.
Young and talented, loving and lovely, it causes us all to stop and wonder "Why?" And so often the media is quick to jump on "If only..." scenarios which serve no good use except as barn doors for the departing horses. Perhaps the fall itself was an indicator of something going awry, not that that fall caused the injury... and perhaps there are no comforting answers to be given to the family - any family - who has to say goodbye too early to a loved one.

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