Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on the mystery baby birds

In case anyone cares, the mystery of the two baby birds on the ledge of my porch (posted picture on Feb. 27) has been solved by the Ornithological Detectives from Cornell's Ornithology department. They were positively identified as Carolina Wrens. You can learn more about this lively little bird species by clicking on the link I've provided. And I am also shamelessly promoting their magazine which helps support all the work they do to provide education and protection of bird habitat. One of the 'songs' for this bird is duplicated on that site and it sounds more like a squeaky wheel on an old shopping cart than anything else. But I didn't know this is another species that mates for life.
This morning in my yard cleanup I found a tiny little white egg that had been recently discarded for the hatchling to get free. It was not a wren egg as I discovered on the Cornell site. I'm guessing it might be from the Cardinal family.

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