Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings?

What exactly is saved by "Daylight Savings?" It's not a bank where I can go and get more of it if I get overdrawn. I cannot borrow on the account. I cannot deposit anything. And why did the Powers That Be decide we have to start doing it earlier and later than ever before? Is the earth shifting on its axis and they don't want us to see the changes and think we won't discover that change by forcing us to get up earlier and encouraging us to go to bed later? Who knows?

On another subject, my friends from O'Brien, Florida dropped in today to show me their latest acquisition... Bingo Birdie!!  Bingo is a cockatiel, and will potentially live more than two decades - that could be a lot of fun as they can also mimic sounds and sometimes will talk. Just a baby bird, hand-fed, he was already very comfortable on hands and shoulders. They were excited about getting him, but my big African Grey was sitting outside when they arrived and he was jealous!! Normally Tabou welcomes them, but this time he was acting sulky and actually tried to bite my friend's husband's finger - something he's never done before with him.

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