Friday, March 13, 2009

Bernie goes to jail

   I am not a big follower of all the news... catch bits and pieces, here and there. But when I heard about this Giga-bite Scambag,  (photo to right) I had to follow the outcome. Yesterday a woman,  about my age, was on one of the news channels telling her story about losing everything - a life of working and saving, along with her now-deceased husband's work and savings - because her investment counselor put it all with Medoff... and by the way, that investment counselor should be punished as well!!! She said Dec. 11 will be as memorable for her as Sept. 11 since it was the day she found out she was destitute at the hands of this thief.
   And yet Mrs. Madoff and the kids should be allowed to keep all their worldly goods, acquired by their sanctimonious and insensitive father? NOT! Strip them too - take it all to auction, divvy up those ill-gotten gains among the many who lost it all. Let Mrs. M wander the streets in slippers and rags and tatters with a sign strung about her neck with a string saying, "I once was found and now I've lost it all to Bernie."

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  1. AMEN TO THAT! I think Hell has a special place reserved for people like him!